David goes to sMenri Monastery (Part 8)

When asked what they would like to see improved at BCH, two students mentioned they would like to have a computer lab. There are one or two computers at the administrative office, and one or two in the school, but no lab where they can practice computer skills. The students were very heartfelt in their thanks to their sponsors, who had provided funds for the BCHbuildings, for their education, and for continuing education.

One girl wanted me to tell the sponsors how important it was to her to get cards and letters from her sponsor, and hoped she could get more.

Another asked how the sponsors felt about the students, and about the value of the contribution the sponsor make. I told her we are all concerned about the well- being of the children, that we are happy at their progress, and that we wish we could do more.

I was left with an overwhelming feeling of how great these children are, how hard they had worked, and how great their potential for the future is. I was also left with an overwhelming feeling that we must do even more to make good opportunities available for these deserving children.

But it isn’t all studies. Shortly after we finished the interview, I found Jason playing cricket with a bunch of 8 – 10 year old boys. Jason thought it was baseball with a strange bat (it wasn’t even a proper cricket bat, but rather a piece of flattened tree branch). The kids loved playing with him! Jason is planning to go back and “hang” with the kids for an afternoon.

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