Yeru Bön Center holds meditation practice on Tuesday Nights

Join us to deepen your connection to Bön, support others & engage in genuine spiritual practice

Minneapolis/Zoom: Tuesdays 7pm to ~8pm  |  Los Angeles: Tuesdays 7pm to ~9pm

Because our individual sangha members are engaged in distinct daily practices, we do a variety of Bön meditations under a loose schedule outlined below. When Rinpoche is in town, he will usually join us in practice, offer his guidance, and may decide to change the practice focus to what is needed at a given time.


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Usually, following teachings, we will practice what we have learned. Otherwise, we MIGHT follow this schedule:

1st Tuesday – Ngöndro Night

The first Tuesday of the month is Ngöndro Practice Night.
Together, we choose one of the nine A-tri Ngöndro accumulations:

  • Semkyed – Generating Enlightened Mind (Compassion Practice)
  • Kyabdro – Taking Refuge
  • Shagpa – Confession (100-syllable Purification Mantra)
  • Mandal – Mandala Offering
  • Lamé Naljor – Guru Yoga
  • Chak – Prostrations
  • SA LE ÖD accumulations
  • MA TRI accumulations
  • DU TRI SU accumulations

2nd Tuesday – Ngag (Tantra) Night

The second Tuesday of the month is Ngag Practice Night.
Together, we choose one of the tantric (deity yoga) practices taught by Rinpoche:

  • Sherab Chamma – Wise Loving Mother
  • Khyung Mar – Red Garuda
  • Healing Practice of Sidpa Gyalmo – Queen of Existence
  • Yeshe Walmo Invocation and Meditation
  • Five Elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, or Combined)
  • Magyü Gong Chöd Namsum – Threefold Essential Practice of the Mother Tantra
  • Long Life Practice of Tsewang Rigdzin
  • Etc…

3rd Tuesday – Dzogchen Night

The third Tuesday of the month is Dzogchen Practice Night.
Together, we practice Dzogchen as taught by Rinpoche:

  • Nine Breathing & Compassion
  • Lamé Naljor Empowerments & Contemplation
  • Zhi Ney – Calm Abiding
  • Natural State Meditation
  • Etc…

4th Tuesday – Offering Night

The fourth Tuesday of the month is Offering Practice Night.
Together, we practice one of the Four Generosities or other offerings taught by Rinpoche:

  • Mandal – Mandala Offering
  • Sang – Smoke Offering
  • Chutor – Water Offering
  • Sur Chö – Burnt Food Offering
  • Chö – Offering of the Body
  • Etc…
If interested in attending Minneapolis practice night, reach out to 952-300-6111 or enter your email in the form above.
If interested in attending Los Angeles practice night, reach out to 323-702-4355.
We hope to see you soon.