Yeru Practice Nights

During Rinpoche’s 43 Guiding Principles teaching, he mentioned Yeru’s practice night for students who want to learn more about their practice. Since then, we have received many emails asking about this secretive practice night.

Yes, it is true, Yeru Bön Center does hold Tuesday night practices with Rinpoche. Sangha members and guests have been meeting in person or via zoom for years on Tuesday Nights from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. central time.

We support each other while engaging in genuine spiritual practice.

Minneapolis: Tuesdays 7pm to ~8pm 

Read our Tuesday Night Meditation Schedule here:
Weekly Meditation Schedule

Note: At this time, Rinpoche has requested we practice the Sidpa Gyalmo healing practice, which includes the healing water. This will be our focus for some time during the pandemic.

These Tuesday night practice sessions have always been free. Except… if you would like a recording of the practice sessions, there is a fee of 150.00 per year for all the digital recordings (approximately 40-48 digital videos). Many of these practice sessions include teachings from Rinpoche while he is in Minnesota. This $150 helps cover time and cost to process the videos and cloud storage.

We do ask that you register – this helps to send practice materials or to notify students of any changes. When registering, if you want the videos, enter a 1 in the Video Recordings field. Otherwise, just leave that field blank.


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